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Your Vision. My Voices. Doug Lee Voices.

You've got a vision in mind. A message. You have a story you want to share with others. With your followers. With your clients. To a few like-minded people.  Maybe globally.


You've carefully crafted words for your vision, your thoughts, your story. Now, you need someone to put voice to those words. To audibly animate your vision.


Doug Lee is a voice communicator, crafting brilliantly successful careers as a professional voiceover artist and radio on air talent. He takes the written word and breathes life into it.


Doug is:



  • Warm

  • Friendly

  • Natural

  • Versatile

  • Professional  



From audiobooks to corporate video and elearning narrations. Children's stories to commercial ad copy. Animation and video game character voices.


Whatever form your story takes. Whatever vision you wish to share.


Doug Lee Voices.

dougleevoices, dougleevoice

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